Core Values of Best Buddies Club

Core Values of Best Buddies Club

We have set up our core values to execute our business obligations sustainably. Those are being strictly adhered by us as well as our Business associates, SPOCs, employees etc We believe that strongest structure is possible to be built with strongest base; we firmly believe our values are our strong foundation also requesting our OEM partners will also respect our values to create healthy business environment & sustainable business relationship.
We firmly believe on our core values documented below:

1) Ethics & Professionalism:
    It is our policy to conduct all our business in honest & ethical manner, the directors and associates are required to conduct their duties legally, honestly, ethically while acting for & on behalf of “Best Buddies Club” in connection with its business or operations.

They shall:
1) Act in the best interest of & fulfil their fiduciary duties to the stakeholder of company and partner companies & associates.
2) Act honestly, fairly, ethically with integrity & loyalty
3) Conduct themselves in professional, courteous & respectful manner
4) Act in good faith with responsibility, due care, competence, diligence & independence
5) Act in manner to enhance & maintain the reputation of organisation & associate OEM partners
6) Treat their colleagues, associates with dignity & shall not harass any of them in any manner

2) Transparency:
    Through lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the making available full information required to create the environment for collaboration, co-operation, collective decision making.
1) Will create essential conditions for a free & open exchange of views, opinions of our Business Associates, SPOCs, channel partners, employees whereby the rules & reasons behind regulatory measures and fair and clear to all stakeholders & are in the interest of sustainable business growth
2) We will keep transparency with our customers about products & service information, we will not do the false exaggeration of products & services

3) Customer Centricity:
1) We firmly believe that we exist & prosper only because of the customer, hence putting our “Customer first Policy” and keeping them at the core of our business, it means offering a great experience from the awareness stage through the purchasing process & finally through the post purchase of product or services
2) We are committed to focus on what customer wants & needs, strive to create an innovative environment to develop product and services around it
3) We will strive to create as well as market the products & services which will give delightful experience to our customers to build long lasting relationships

4) Good Corporate Citizenship:
1) We will always try to have long term relationships with our OEM partners, Business Associates, SPOCs employees & create environment for mutual growth & development of sustainable brands in-line with the need of the society where we conduct our business operations
2) We promote alternative thinking, free & enthusiastic work environment where each individual or entity would work with extreme potential to deliver the best on time leading to sustainable growth of organization and subsequently of the society
3) We always welcome constructive suggestions & also kind advises from all our OEM partners, Business associates, SPOC, employees to make our business model more stronger & sustainable